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African Ancestry

Patients are more likely to find donor matches within their own racial or ethnic background. For African Americans specifically, there is more genetic diversity than any other race. However, the number of black donors on the national registry is still low.

African Ancestry is partnering with Be The Match to drive awareness and registration among the black community for this important cause.  Learn more about African Ancestry and how they can trace your ancestry back to a specific present-day African country of origin.

Be The Match Foundation

Be The Match Foundationis the new name of The Marrow Foundation. Their work with families, corporations and other partners has raised millions of dollars for patients in need. With your support, Be The Match Foundation will continue to attract, engage and motivate people who want to save a life.

Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR)

CIMBTR Is a research partner of the National Marrow Donor Program committed to increasing application and access to cellular transplant therapy, as well as improving outcomes. The ultimate goal is to help more transplant patients live longer, healthier lives.

Hendrick Marrow Program

Rick Hendrick is best known for his NASCAR championships and Nextel Cup Series victories as the owner of Hendrick Motorsports. In 1996, his winning ways broadened beyond the Winner’s Circle when he became a champion for people facing life-threatening diseases that can be treated with a bone marrow transplant.

Hendrick Marrow Program of the Be The Match Foundation helps secure private resources to support the work of the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and its Be The Match Registry.

Since 1997, the Hendrick Marrow Program has raised more than $7 million to recruit new members to the marrow donor registry and help patients pay for transplant-related costs.

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