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Posted April 5th, 2012 by Be The Match and filed in Patient Stories
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Ashley of Glen Allen, Virginia was shocked when, in July 2007, she was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) after a blood test showed abnormally high white blood cell counts. Ashley had never been sick and, overall, felt healthy. She was able to manage her leukemia with medication for about a year until the leukemia changed to acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in August 2008. A marrow transplant became her only option for survival, but – like 70 percent of patients in need of a match – no one in Ashley’s family was a donor match.

Ashley’s doctors turned to the Be The Match Registry to find an unrelated donor. After about four months, a donor was found in Michigan. Maurine (Moe) joined the registry only three months prior to being identified as a match for Ashley, and she quickly agreed to donate. In April 2009, Ashley received her transplant.

Today, Ashley is feeling great. She is eating healthier and feels blessed to have a brand new start at life. A year after her transplant, Ashley and her husband Robert were able to meet Moe in person. To Ashley, they already felt like family.

This April marks Ashley’s three-year-anniversary following her transplant. She is celebrating by taking part in the Richmond Be The One Run with Robert, Moe and Moe’s husband Hank by her side.

Please register for Be The One Run and show patients like Ashley that you care.

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