Twice the heartache. Twice the gratitude.

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ILLUMELindsey’s long sought after dream of being a mother became a reality when her daughter Kate was born on August 19, 2010. But only 10 months later, that dream was shaken when Kate was diagnosed with congenital amegakyrocytic or CAMT, a rare and fatal disease that causes bone marrow failure.

“No one ever expects to hear the words ‘the only thing that will save your child’s life is a bone marrow transplant,”’ said Lindsey. “My life was forever changed that Monday morning. I learned words I never knew existed, had conversations with doctors I never expected to have and began the bone marrow transplant journey with our daughter Kate.”

With no matching donor in the family, Kate’s doctors searched the Be The Match Registry®. Just fifteen days after Kate’s diagnosis, a matching donor was found and Kate received her life-saving marrow transplant on August 31, 2011. “It was one of the happiest days of my life,” Lindsey said. “It was the start of Kate’s new life and our family was so thankful to the man who was giving Kate the gift of life. Words can never express how grateful we are.”

Just as the family was experiencing the remarkable joy of Kate’s recovery—just two months after her successful transplant—Lindsey and Alex received another blessing. They learned they were having a son. However, when prenatal testing revealed their baby boy, Will, would also need a marrow transplant—they were crushed.

Faith and a cheering squad of family and friends helped Lindsey and Alex stay strong. Fast forward two years and their hearts are filled with gratitude and hope for their children’s future. Kate has grown into a bubbly, outgoing toddler and Will is growing healthier each day, after receiving his marrow transplant from another donor in June 2013.

“We have been blessed twice by two selfless donors who saved our kids. However, there are so many individuals who are not as fortunate and may never find their match. The more people talk about becoming bone marrow donors, the larger the registry becomes and the more lives that will be saved!”

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Kate and her marrow donor, Lance met in October 2013. Watch the emotional video.

Read the letter Lindsey wrote to Lance on the day Kate had her transplant.


3 Responses to “Twice the heartache. Twice the gratitude.”

  1. Natasha says:

    My niece and nephew were both diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia. Also where their bone marrow fails and also fatal. My nephew had a transplant when he was three, now five and doing well. My niece is in need of a transplant very soon. She just turned four. Oh how hard to see such sweet little faces go through so much. Kate and Will will be in my prayers! Please pray for Ben and Mady!

  2. Rhonda says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your families. As a mother I cannot imagine your pain. I’m signed up to be a donor but have not been matched with anyone and or asked to donate yet. I wish more people out there would sign up and see how doing one small thing could save someone’s life.

  3. Carl says:

    Wow, who knew there was another princess Kate and prince Will couple out there! Best of luck to both. I’ve been on the registry about 10 years and am still waiting for my first call…

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