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SchallyThe day 10-year-old Henry died, his brother Eli was in the hospital battling for his own life. The story of their lives is a redemptive story of hope, love and family.

In January 2012, Jenn and Troy noticed a change in their 9-year-old son, Henry. “All of a sudden, Henry was acting out of the ordinary,” says Jenn, “He was displaying symptoms of ADHD, and walking strangely, and he just wasn’t himself.”

Months later, after many doctors’ appointments and tests, Henry was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare and often fatal genetic disorder that causes rapid deterioration of the brain. “I remember the doctor saying ‘we expect a very poor outcome,’ says Troy.  “We asked about hope for the future, and learned there wasn’t much.”

Just over a week after doctors told the family Henry was not a viable candidate for a marrow transplant to cure his ALD, the family received a heartbreaking call. Their younger son, Eli, had the same deadly disorder. Thankfully, though, Eli had hope for a cure. Because of his early diagnosis, he was eligible for a marrow transplant.

Jenn and Troy did not delay. Time was their enemy because of the aggressive disease’s pace of destruction. Quickly, Eli’s doctors located a 5 out of 6 cord blood match and the family made plans for Eli’s transplant.

Over the coming months, Jenn and Troy became heroic parents. One night would be spent at home appreciating their final precious moments with Henry. The next night would be spent in the hospital helping Eli fight for his life.

After several rounds of chemotherapy to prepare his body for transplant, Eli received his second chance at life. “His match was such a gift,” says Jenn, “I felt like ‘gosh, finally something went right. Something is perfect.”

“The day Eli came home from the hospital, he walked into the house and Henry, who at that point was barely talking, walked up to Eli with his arms outstretched. He hugged his younger brother and said ‘My Eli’s home!’ And all of a sudden we felt a sense of wholeness again,” says Jenn.

That image perfectly captures Henry and Eli’s relationship. The brothers were best friends, “they did everything together,” says Jenn.

Two weeks before Henry passed away, he rapidly lost the ability to move. Jenn and Troy carried their precious boy into the living room, and set up a comfortable place for him to live out his final days. “That whole time,” says Jenn, “Eli sat beside Henry. He never left. It was like Eli was standing guard.”

Today, Eli understands that had his older brother not been diagnosed with ALD, he likely would not be alive. “Eli is very clear about what happened. He knows he is able to be alive because Henry is not,” says Jenn. And for that, Eli is forever grateful to his big brother.

While Henry has left this world, he is still very much present in the lives of Eli, Jenn, Troy and the hundreds of others that loved him and were touched by his sweet, playful smile. “No matter what,” says Jenn, “We take Henry with us. He’s always with us. He’s changed the people we are in tons of ways and we were so lucky to have had him in our lives.”

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16 Responses to “A Family’s Love”

  1. Molly Bowman says:

    Please let me know if I am a match!

  2. joleen langevin says:

    I want to help

  3. admin says:

    Hi Molly and Joleen,

    We are thrilled to hear that you’d like to help! If you are not yet on the Be The Match® marrow registry and are able and willing to donate marrow to any patient in need, please take a moment to learn more and sign up here: http://bethematch.org/Support-the-Cause/Donate-bone-marrow/Join-the-marrow-registry/.
    Only 1 in 500 people on the Be The Match Registry® will go on to donate life-saving marrow. While you wait for this opportunity, know that there are many other ways to support our cause. Learn about them here: http://bethematch.org/Support-the-Cause/.

  4. cari says:

    I have been on the registry for 12 years. I pray there is a day I am a match for someone.
    Prayers for this beautiful family.

  5. Rob says:

    My heart breaks for this family, and yet I want to cheer for Eli. I’d like to send him a card if it’s possible to get an address.

    Prayers and wishes,

  6. Meg W says:

    So much love to this family. Their strength and resiliency is humbling and inspiring. I have been registered for about 7 years and hope to match some day as well..

  7. Caara Hunter says:

    I have been on the registry for as long as I can remember. It is because of lovely, heroic families like Henry’s that I know I’ve made the right decision. I wait impatiently for my chance to help. Thank you for touching my heart.

    • admin says:

      Hi Caara – Thanks for your support and your commitment to marrow donation! While you are waiting, you can help spread the word by sharing these posts on Facebook, and follow our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BeTheMatch?ref=hl

      Best wishes,
      Be The Match

  8. Ed B. says:

    My prayers for you and your family. I have been on the registry for 20 or more years and have continually kept my info updated because of stories like those of your family. I plan to share your story with my wife and 3 children at the dinner table before we give thanks and grace. I know some may feel it is not an appropriate thing to say before dinner, but the story if filled with with hope and love and that regardles of what possesions we have, we would gladly trade it for good health.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ed – Thanks for your support and commitment to marrow donation! It’s great to hear that you share these stories with your family.

      Best wishes,
      Be The Match

  9. Shellie says:

    Thanks for posting this story of sacrifice, love and hope. I will remain on the Be The Match registry until the day I die in the hopes that one day I will have the opportunity to help save a precious life.

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