“What is Inspiring?”

Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Be The Match and filed in News
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Five-time Jeopardy! Winner and Be The Match Supporter

wedding-photo-69 (2)Sarah had watched Jeopardy! her whole life. She imagined the day when she would stand under the hot Hollywood lights and amaze people question after question. One thing she never imagined, however, was that her mother wouldn’t be there sharing in Sarah’s moment.

In February 2013, Sarah’s 62 year old mother, Marilyn, received the heartbreaking news that she had acute myeloid leukemia. For months, Marilyn stayed in the hospital receiving chemotherapy. Thankfully, by summer, Marilyn went into remission and was healthy enough to watch her daughter walk down the aisle.

Marilyn’s doctors were planning on pursuing a bone marrow transplant soon after Sarah’s wedding. When no one in Marilyn’s family was a match, her doctors turned to Be The Match Registry and found a volunteer marrow donor.

“Unfortunately, shortly after my honeymoon,” Sarah said, “we found out the cancer was back. We were told she would need more chemo to try to get back into remission before the doctors could do a bone marrow transplant.”  Sadly, Marilyn passed away before she could make it to transplant day.

While Sarah’s mother was unable to receive her marrow transplant, Sarah is grateful for the man who was willing to honor his commitment and help. “Having that person out there, gave us a lot of hope,” she said.

On The Air with Jeopardy!

Just two weeks after her mother’s passing, Sarah’s Jeopardy! dream came true.  During the filming, Sarah made a decision. Her mother may not have been able to watch her compete, but Sarah made sure to keep Marilyn’s spirit with her throughout her five winning appearances. “My mother always wanted to give back,” said Sarah. So, she decided to use Jeopardy! as an opportunity to bring awareness to the organization that brought her family hope – Be The Match.

During her one-on-one interviews with Alex Trebek, Sarah spoke about the importance of joining the Be The Match Registry. As a direct result, she learned that some viewers were so moved that they signed up for the registry. “It’s really gratifying to feel like [my mother] made an impact on others. If I influenced someone else to join, maybe that someone will go on to save a life,” said Sarah.

Sarah has taken the tragic experience of losing her mother and turned it into a chance to prevent more losses like her own. With some of her winnings from her time on Jeopardy!, she plans to help fund donor drives to add more potential donors to the registry.

You can be an advocate like Sarah. Take a minute to learn more about our Action Advocacy Network and then sign up to join.

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  1. Frank Pulgiano says:

    What an AWESOME story!! God bless you Sara and to all your loved ones. Mom, rest in peace.

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