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Being home definitely beats being in the hospital, but until a marrow donor is found for three-year-old Aksel, home has become a bubble of isolation. Aksel is clearly a fighter having already beat seizures, organ failure and internal bleeding. But he could use some re-enforcements right about now, and there’s a way you can help  instantly put a smile on Aksel’s face.

Please help us #BurstAkselsBubble by posting photos or videos via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram playing like a 3-year-old and wishing him well using the hashtag.

Aksel would cherish playing with a world of new buddies, if only virtually, for now.

What’s fun to Aksel? He loves dancing, singing and the rain. Sing him a goofy song or show him your dance moves. He’s partial to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” Madagascar’s “I like to Move It, Move It” and “Gangnam Style.” Stomp in some rain puddles for him – the messier the better. His dad works with Formula One racing and Aksel loves cars. Put on a Hot Wheels® race for him.

Does your dog do tricks? Put on a show for Aksel (and Onyx, too). Build a secret fort and invite him in. Rally a convoy of trikes and parade around your block wishing Aksel well. Create a special message for him with sidewalk chalk or finger paint. He misses the swimming pool – the tub is as close as he gets now – so do some goofy dives for him.

“If the public would do this for Aksel, especially other children, it would mean so much to us,” said Carla, Aksel’s mother. “You’d be helping my little boy forget that his life right now is only ‘sort of normal.’ You’d be adding more smiles to his day.”

Aksel has a great smile so let’s put more on his face by showing him great #BurstAkselsBubble photos!


4 Responses to “#BurstAkselsBubble”

  1. TheCarlins says:

    Wishing you a perfect bone marrow match, blue skies and green grass! ☀️☀️☀️☀️

  2. Amy Pinto says:

    Wish you a perfect Match ASAP…then all the play time outside you can handle …we like to swim….you can do this too mom …i went thru this with my 21 yr old 3 yrs ago…full transplant..2x…hang tough…both of you…in my thoughts and prayers…we will see what we can do to add to the silliness needed to survive right now…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I wish I matched, Aksel. I hope this gives you a smile!


  4. Stephanie says:

    I am on the list. Please look me up. Wishing you a good match. Hang in there little buddy. My thoughts and prayers are with you to find the perfect match.

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