World Marrow Donor Day: Ingo’s Story

Posted September 17th, 2016 by Be The Match and filed in News
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Nearly thirty years ago, a little girl suffering from blood cancer near Wardendorf, Germany needed a donor. Moved by her need for a life-saving transplant, Ingo was joined by some of his friends and they joined the registry.

While not a match for that little girl, a phone call five years ago informed him that he was a potential match for twin girls needing a bone marrow transplant. For Ingo, the news was cause for much excitement. “I was very happy when the call came,” he said. “I myself have a daughter who is now 14 years old and therefore for me, it was no question whether I would donate.”

Once he shared the news with his family, Ingo said he was encouraged that they were equally thrilled about his donation. “My three children rejoiced that I came through as the best donor for the girls,” he said.

When the time came for his donation, Ingo said his willingness to be a donor helped the procedure go very smoothly. “I was quite positive going into the process,” he said. “I would like to highlight the super assistance from everyone who helped with all of my questions during my donation.”

After going through donation, Ingo said he is very proud of being able to help two little girls get a second chance at life. “I am so glad I could help save two lives with my donation,” he said. “Furthermore because the donation has been successful. I tell and encourage everyone to join the registry because it is a great feeling to help other people.”

Ingo will soon meet Elizabeth and Kathryn, the girls he saved at the Be The Match Gala on September 16. Today the twins from Winona, Minn., are happy and healthy and are enjoying life as every child should—loving horses, doing the hula hoop and playing with their older brother.

captureWhen Elizabeth and Kathryn’s parents, Michele and Brett, found out the family was going to meet the man whose bone marrow donation saved the girls, they said they could hardly think of what to say to the person who gave them back their children.

“Thank you for your selfless act of being our daughters’ donor,” Michele said. “You will forever be our hero!”



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