Help Increase Funding for Life-Saving Transplant Programs

Posted January 24th, 2017 by Be The Match and filed in News
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We need your help to make sure that Congress remembers the importance of the programs that fund Be The Match®, the CW Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program (Program) and the National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI).

Capitol Building

Capitol Building

For each $1 million the Congress adds to the Program funding, 10,000 donors can be added to the registry. For each $1 million it adds to the NBCI, we can add 667 cord blood units.  Please send an email or social media message to your congressional representatives to ask for increased funding for these life-saving programs. Act now: Urge your legislators to continue funding Be The Match.

Every dollar allocated by Congress goes to increasing the number of donors and cord blood units on the registry, helping patients navigate the complexities of the health care system, and supporting research to discover and apply the best therapies to improve patient outcomes. Further ethnic diversity in registry members is extremely important as we continue to expand access to treat more diseases, such as sickle cell disease.

Program Funding Determined by April

Congress has until the end of April to fund the federal government through the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2017. Funding for the CW Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program, which the National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match® operates under a contract with the Department of Health and Human Services, is part of these appropriations.

The legislation will also fund the National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI) through the end of 2017. The House appropriations bill under consideration would maintain funding for the CW Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program at $22 million and increase funding for the NCBI by $5 million to $16 million.

The Senate bill would maintain current funding for both the CW Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program and NCBI ($11 million).  We anticipate that Congress will resolve these differences in the coming months and pass final legislation in mid- to late-April.

At the same time, Congress will begin the process for funding the federal government for FY 2018.  This process usually begins with a detailed budget request from the President. Given the transition to a new Administration, it is unlikely that we will see a detailed budget before late April or May. The congressional committees overseeing appropriations, however, are likely to start considering specific spending levels well before that time.  Final legislation appropriating funds for FY 2018 is unlikely to pass before September and might even be delayed until December 2017.

Get involved with Be The Match legislative advocacy

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