College student highlights benefits of service internships through Be The Match®, calls for more students to try the experience.

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by Be The Match and filed in News
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When looking for an internship in college, many students find the process stressful. While paid internships may seem more desirable to students, service internships have the appeal of gaining broad experience while earning school credit. For Alicia Reibling, upon learning about service internships through Be The Match, the experience she would gain was the biggest advantage to accepting a position.


Alicia, Be The Match Service Intern

Alicia began her service internship at the start of Summer 2016. As she was finishing her junior year at Bethel University, Alicia wanted to gain a broad experience in human resources. She identified early on the positives of doing a service internship, but also acknowledged the potential financial hardship.

“Balancing time and money were hard, but the long-term benefit of this service internship is already outweighing the short-term financial gain of simply having a summer job or a paid internship that offers less flexibility,” Alicia says.

Now a senior majoring in Human Resources, Alicia was looking to learn about the various aspects of human resources – hiring, benefits, workplace functionality, and others. Instead of accepting an internship focused on one area within that department, she decided to take a service internship with Be The Match – one that offered her the flexibility to learn about human resources as a whole instead of just one aspect of it.

“I think that the biggest benefit of completing this service internship has been the experience in such a wide variety of areas as well as the connections I’ve made. People at Be The Match are so passionate about the mission and are so thankful for the time service interns spend at the office. I felt like I was learning a ton while also giving back,” Alicia recalls.

Service internships at Be The Match

Be The Match has a variety of service internships available at the Coordinating Center located in the North Loop area of Minneapolis. Internships are offered in a variety of departments and can be offered for school credit. Each internship is different based on the intern, and many can be molded to fit your personal career and experience interests.

“Be The Match gives you a chance to work for a purpose. You get your foot in the door at a great organization, which is important for the future,” Alicia says.

Interested in being a service intern? Explore those opportunities online.

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  1. Alisa Nathan says:

    Awesome! Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I didn’t want name to be published so said Anonymous
    Please advise of internship opportunities in Atlanta/Alpharetta/Johnscreek, GA
    Help us learn about your experience as well plea
    Is the environment big/small?
    How many people do we get to work with?
    How long?
    Nature of work?
    College credit?

  3. Brooke altman says:

    Hi I’m interested in an internship with be the match I’m a recent graduate from Florida state university with a bachelors degree in biology . I’m planning on applying to PA school , I live in New Jersey . I became very interested in be the match after my uncle had a bone marrow transplant . He passed away due to severe GVHD of the gut . He was doing amazing , he went through aggressive chemo like a champ he had many donors .unfortunately none of them were related . He live well for 7 months we thought he had this. I want to help , I understand and I accept that the cure can also kill you. Please let me know if I can volunteer in the coordinating department or any other department. Sincerely Brooke Altman

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