Saving those who live to save us

Posted August 17th, 2017 by Be The Match and filed in News
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Help patients like Matt

LAPD Officer and searching patient, Matthew

Going to the doctor for something minor, only to learn you have a rare and potentially life-threatening disease is a gut-wrenching shock for anyone.

For first responders, men and women who save lives each day, it’s a world turned upside down. Now, their lives are on the line.

Matthew, a police officer, husband and father of two, knows this feeling all too well. He recently learned that he has aplastic anemia, a rare disease in which his bone marrow does not make enough blood cells for his body. Fewer than 1,000 Americans receive a diagnosis of aplastic anemia each year, and like many of them, Matthew does not know its cause.

What Matthew does know is that a cure is possible. By finding a match on the national registry, he can get the bone marrow transplant he urgently needs to survive. Unfortunately, he is still searching for the perfect match.

Matthew is not the only one in need. Too many police officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders across the nation are waiting for the person who can save their lives.

The Register & Respond campaign encourages first responders and their families, friends and communities to join the Be The Match Registry® as potential marrow donors.

The more potential marrow donors on the registry, the more patients Be The Match can help. A marrow transplant can be a cure for blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases, including leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell anemia. But most patients in need of a transplant will not have a fully matched donor in their families.

Matthew is one of those patients. His family and friends continue to hope that he will find a match, likely in the Filipino community. Dozens have joined the registry since learning of his diagnosis, including Dante, his childhood friend and partner at the police department. “All you want is for your loved one to have a chance,” said Dante.

Do you know a first responder who can support this initiative, either by joining the registry or encouraging their department to join this movement? If so, please visit and share

19 Responses to “Saving those who live to save us”

  1. Leslie says:

    Check for match

    • connie gates says:

      I am also registered with Be The Match, what do I need to do to see if I am able to help Matt?

    • Buffie Burrell says:

      I am already listed in the registry as someone who would be willing to donate. I have been for years… I’m not sure if I am someone who would match anybody or not. I am assuming if I am someone would get in touch with me and ask me to go from more specific tests. I would be willing to help anybody. However are used to be a State Trooper so my heart is obviously with the police officer and his family (including the blue line!) But if I could help anybody out there I am more than willing to do that.

  2. Chris Czmiel says:

    I am registered with Be The Match. I gave a cheek swab about 3 years ago. What else is required to see if I would be a match for Matthew?

  3. Amritpal Kaur says:

    I am registered with Be The Match. I would like to see if I would be the match for Mathew. Please contact me.

  4. Hao nguyen says:

    Check with Be the me all the time

  5. Joseph Tumulak says:

    I am registered..look me up to see if I’m a match.

  6. connie gates says:

    look me up as well please.

  7. Caroline Tellez says:

    Please see if I am a match for Matt.

  8. Scott MacGregor says:

    Assisted Be The Match and Officers Give Hope yesterday at a great marrow donor registration drive in West Sacramento, CA in which 164 law enforcement cadets joined the registry. Each cadet who signed up gives hope for Matthew and the thousands of other patients and families still searching. One of the cadets who joined yesterday has a young family member also searching for a match. I’m hoping and praying that she too finds one.

  9. Priscilla Santos says:

    Please check to see if I am a match!

  10. Jim Michaels says:

    Joined the registry years ago. I am still willing to help. See if I am a match.

  11. Laura kislowski says:

    I joined years ago. Can you see if I am a match? I would love to help.

  12. Alexandra Olmi says:

    I would be honored. I know that the chances for me being the match are relatively small, but you never know.
    I hope you find your match.

  13. maikee NGUYEN says:

    I’m ready and it will be my pleasure to share because i care. Please contact if needed

  14. H. Uy says:

    I’m a registered donor. Just say the word.

  15. Karen says:

    I’m registered and would love to help. Please check. I’m Filipino.

  16. Virginia Arp says:

    See if I am a match

  17. Michele Gonzales says:

    I have been contacted a couple of times, both for further testing. I was not the best match in either case, but I am still registered. i am still very willing to be the match for someone.

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