CMS Issues Proposed Hospital Payment Rule without Fixing Bone Marrow/Cord Blood Rates

Posted April 26th, 2018 by Be The Match and filed in News
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which operates the Medicare program, has released the “Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS)” Proposed Rule for Fiscal Year 2019.

This rule, when finalized, will set the rates for bone marrow and cord blood transplants. The rule, as it stands, remains silent on the long-overdue fix to the reimbursement method used to calculate how much hospitals are reimbursed for providing bone marrow and cord blood transplants. NMDP/Be The Match has worked extensively with CMS to address inadequate reimbursement for stem cell transplant, and in particular, reimbursement for donor search and cell acquisition costs.

The financial losses incurred by transplant centers to treat the approximately 1,200 Medicare patients each year threatens their viability and may result in serious access issues for Medicare patients. Hospitals lose thousands of dollars on every Medicare patient they treat. Patients who do not have access to transplant will face expensive, likely futile alternative treatment options. In most cases, transplant is the best option for survival.

We are asking for the same fix that is part of the “Protect Access to Cellular Transplant (PACT) Act” (H.R. 4215). This legislation would require CMS to pay for the acquisition costs of bone marrow and cord blood using the same separate payment method that is used for solid organs. If CMS does not act in this rulemaking, the U.S. Congress will have to pass the legislation to force the fix.

4 Responses to “CMS Issues Proposed Hospital Payment Rule without Fixing Bone Marrow/Cord Blood Rates”

  1. Regina joiner says:

    I have been through this experience with my Dad. Very painful as it is now to deal with financials when our main goal should be to save his life.

  2. Grace Adams says:

    I was unable to personalize because I could not understand the jargon in which it was written.

    • Be The Match says:

      Thank you for your feedback! If you have additional questions about this proposed rule, or other projects we’re working on, feel free to reach out to our Payer Policy team at payerpolicy [at] nmdp [dot] org.

  3. Sally Talbot says:

    I really appreciate blogs that informed people well in advance about the latest changes and happenings. This is one of them, thank you for writing about the new rules of Medicare. My Uncle needs bone marrow transplant and he is enrolled through the for Medicare. This information will surely help him.

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