Urge Lawmakers to Protect Access to Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Transplants: Comment today!

Posted June 4th, 2018 by Be The Match and filed in News
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which operates the Medicare program, is taking comments on the regulation that sets payment rates for hospitals through June 25.  CMS has not addressed the barrier its outdated payment policy creates for Medicare beneficiaries trying to access bone marrow and cord blood transplants in this rule.  They need to hear from you that it is time to act.

Two Paths, One Goal

NMDP/Be The Match is committed to securing a solution to this patient access barrier. We have had many discussions with CMS around fixing this issue, which would mirror the way solid organ reimbursement is structured.  At the same time, four Members of Congress have introduced a bill, HR 4215 “Protect Access to Cellular Transplant (PACT) Act” that currently has 22 co-sponsors and strong support from our grassroots advocates.

We need to continue our advocacy efforts at CMS and with the U.S. Congress around HR 4215 because the lack of attention to this issue will threaten Medicare patient access to transplant. Medicare accepts public comments on all rules; anyone can comment, and we hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts.

CMS needs to hear from you! Please help us by sending a comment letter asking CMS to pay for the acquisition costs of bone marrow and cord blood cells the same way it does for solid organs. Tell CMS why it is important they fix this problem today.

6 Responses to “Urge Lawmakers to Protect Access to Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Transplants: Comment today!”

  1. Beth says:

    This is scary for me at 58 I will need a Stem cell transplant and no other insurance than Mass health. Dana-Farber in Boston is currently treating me.

  2. Charlene Boydston says:

    More funding for Health care is needed! Health care is a right, not a privilege!

  3. Carla says:

    we are donating for love and they are getting charged in order to take our life gift.

    This is not right when health is a Right

  4. J Charles says:

    Healthcare needs to be a priority. Mann suffer daily due to lack of insurance coverage and we need to change
    Concerned nurse, mother and citizen

  5. Marcia Church says:

    Save a life! HELP just one person and three w lou rld might change f look r the better. That one person you saved can be a miracle worker@

  6. Navya Sharma says:

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