Be The Match Awareness Continues to Grow

Posted February 2nd, 2010 by Be The Match and filed in Donor Stories
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What do Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Minneapolis and Charlotte have in common? This spring, Be The Match® ads will begin appearing in those metro areas.

If you see one of our ads, be sure to tell your friends that YOU are part of Be The Match –- and why they should be, too.

A successful first year for our new name
We introduced Be The Match as the new name of our life-saving mission, the donor registry and our foundation in April 2009. We began our campaign to get the word out with ads on television, radio and billboards in just two cities: Charlotte and Houston. Through surveys, we learned our Be The Match ads made a strong impression. People remembered the name and remembered what it meant — the opportunity to save a life through marrow donation. So this year, we’re aiming to build on our success by expanding our campaign.

Reaching more cities this spring
This spring we’ll be promoting Be The Match with ads in Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas. Ads will run on TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and movie screens. We’ll also be launching new public service announcements to 10 additional cities.

What about the rest of the country?
Why not run ads nationwide? Many television and other media outlets have kindly agreed to support our cause by giving us extra air time and advertising space, but advertising is still expensive. Our challenge is to reach people effectively, while carefully managing costs.

One way we are reaching people nationwide is through our growing Be The Match communities in social networking spaces like Facebook and Twitter. Supporters like you have been a big part of growing these communities –- thank you!

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