Posted December 29th, 2010 by Be The Match
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  3. John Tagabuel says:

    Hi; I’m residing US island territory approximately 8 timezones from west coast. One of my nephew residing in Portland Oregon, was diagnosed with some sort of cancer that would need immediate bone-marrow transfusion. I was informed by patient father (my brother), that we siblings and cousins on island can be potential donor or assistance to my nephew medically. I’m trying to contact the medical providers in Portland to get first-hand information to my nephew medical condition and needs for possible family member donor from Saipan (island name). Unfortunately, I’m getting desperate and need some quick answer. Can you help? FYI: I worked in department of Public Health and can try to access lab testing if possible to expedite the process. I have approximately 18 family members from patient father’s linage. thanks

  4. israel cuellar says:

    If I donate money, could I get a T shirt or a sweater ,with the logo on it., like!
    Be the Match” or Bone marrow donor.
    Kind of ?

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