Two families share how donating cord blood can save lives

Posted May 2nd, 2013 by Be The Match and filed in Donor Stories
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Donating cord blood can save livesAnyone who has been there will tell you: giving birth changes your life.

What some parents are discovering is that giving birth can also change someone else’s life.

Tam’ra and Reinhard

When Tam’ra and Reinhard were expecting their first child, they saw a lot of advertising about storing cord blood, but weren’t interested in that option. They learned about the option to donate their baby’s cord blood during pre-natal classes at their Atlanta hospital.

“We did our research,” says Reinhard. “We found out that cord blood is rich with cells that can help people fighting certain illnesses.” After that, Tam’ra added, “It was kind of a no-brainer.”

Patrice and Kindu

Toward the end of their second pregnancy, Patrice and Kindu had determined they would not keep their baby’s cord blood for their own family’s use, “but we hadn’t learned much about public donation,” Patrice says.

When it was time to deliver the baby, a hospital staff member asked if they were going to donate the cord blood. “She asked a few basic questions and provided some literature. We talked it over and decided it wouldn’t make sense not to participate,” Kindu explained.

Listen to these parents tell their stories about public cord blood donation.

9 Responses to “Two families share how donating cord blood can save lives”

  1. she says:

    As a multi-ethnic person,I am excited to see these 2 African American couples donate cord blood. African Americans wait much longer for donations because African Americans have a lower donor rate. Your generosity will help save lives. I am an organ donor and I have been on the marrow registry for almost 16 years. When I look at my healthy children and how a simple smile from them is the rhythm that gives my heart its beat…I also want other parents to feel the simple flutter of a joyful heart. Being a donor is just logical. Most importantly, it’s the milk of human kindness.

  2. Nicole says:

    With both of my children I wanted to donate their cord blood (I delivered at 2 different hospitals). I was informed that the hospitals do not participate in the program, very few actually do. I think more moms would be happy to donate cord blood if more hospitals participated in the program.

  3. Pita Mann says:

    So happy to hear of these new parents deciding to donate their baby’s cord blood! Congratulations to both new families and thank you very much for donating!

  4. Kat says:

    A lot of hospitals don’t have a program for it, but check with your doctor. If they are willing to collect your cord blood, you can donate it by sending it off (no cost to you).

    I did it and it was a bit of paperwork & you have to plan it in advance, but totally worth it. I wish it was better publicized!

    • Michele says:

      Kat, that’s what happened with me. I read about it and asked my doctor. I was tod at the hospital I was the first to do it. I was shocked that more people don’t do it. The paperwork took a little while but I look at it as I filled out paperwork that could save a life. I had to go through infertility treatment to have my baby, I wanted to pass on my baby’s cord blood so that someone could possibly have there life saved. One miracle could possibly become two!

  5. Adria says:

    I am all about donating and paying it forward but why does it cost so much to bank my own child’s cord blood? Not everyone has that kind of money, that is great that donating does not cost but if I donate will I have access to it later if it has not been used or will other cord blood be accessible to me and my family if we are in the need of it in the future?

    • admin says:

      Hi Adria, Be The Match does public cord blood banking so it is no cost to you and is available for patient in need of a transplant. You can learn more about our banking at

  6. Heather Palm says:

    We just had our first baby and all we heard about was banking cord blood for our child. I never heard anything about donating it. Had I heard about donating it I would have! We would like to have another baby and if we do, I will surely look into donating my cord blood! I would like some information on how I can donate my cord blood.

    • admin says:

      Hi Heather, you can learn more about cord blood donation with Be The Match at Thanks!

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