A Mother’s Plea, A Child’s Fight

Posted June 19th, 2013 by Be The Match and filed in Patient Stories
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JsonAt just 9 years old, J’son has undergone 10 surgeries, including brain surgery, and receives monthly blood transfusions at the hospital. He’s been fighting sickle cell anemia—and the bouts of severe pain and fatigue caused by the life-threatening blood disorder—since he was born.

J’son needs a marrow transplant for a chance at a cure, but sadly his twin sister, Ja’Kerria, is not a match. In fact, most patients who need a transplant do not have a match in their family. They depend on the Be The Match Registry® to find a matching donor.

J’son’s African American heritage makes his search for a match even more challenging. Patients are most likely to match someone of their own race or ethnicity, but African American patients have the lowest chances of finding a matching donor. More African American registry members are needed now.

“Please join—you could help save someone,” says Shalonda, J’son’s mom. “It might not be J’son, but you could be the cure for someone else.”

Get the facts and join the Be The Match Registry at www.BTMItsOnYou.org.

11 Responses to “A Mother’s Plea, A Child’s Fight”

  1. Nicole says:

    I hope that you find a match. I am registered, hopefully I will be able to help someone. Also, I am African American.

  2. Von Guichard says:

    Hi J’son. I’m a registered African American male donor and I pray that I’m able to help you. Stay strong and stay hopeful.

  3. E. Mobley says:

    I have joined. I hope and pray that I will be your match, cousin.

  4. Rebeca Four says:

    I am not African American but I have been registered since 1996 and I am a mama so I am praying for you to find a suitable donor. I have posted this page on my FB page and hope some of the 500 people on it will register and that they will share and they will register and so on. I pray that I can one day be someone’s match and that I can help.

    Many blessings of health to you!

  5. meaghan says:

    Posted on my page. Hopefully some of my African American friends will register! I’ve been on the registry for like 2 years now. I would love to get tested to see if I am a match for J’son!

  6. S.J. Gaitan says:

    I’m Colombian but have reposted your plea on my FB page. I am registered with Be The Match. Hold on, J’son. The match is out there. They just don’t know it yet! Sending you lots of love. Keep up with school work in the mean time. Friends keep us strong!

    Miss Gaitan
    Special Education Teacher
    Houston, Texas

  7. Tina says:

    I am not African American but I registered about 4 years ago. J’son, am praying for you and praying that you find a match soon

  8. Paula P. says:

    I hope and pray that everyone who has thought about giving will take the first step to register. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and gave the living gift of life to a young man in the south.

    I pray for J’son’s match to come forward soon.

  9. Mise Hope says:


  10. Teresa Boatwright says:

    Hi Jason this cooda I love u hope u find a match soon again love you

  11. staisha says:

    i pray that u may be cured

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